Registration Weekend to Castelli Romani

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Instruction for form compilation

Reservation and Registration to the Castelli Romani Weekend - (throughout the jubilee year)

  • The reservations must be made directly by the Rotarian for himself and for his family and friends carers.

  • All fields marked * are mandatory.
  • Section for the Rotarian (who fill out the form)

  • for insurance data - for each other presence in addition to the Rotarian

    1st Guest Rotarian

  • 2nd Guest of Rotarian

  • 3rd Guest Rotarian

  • 4th Guest Rotarian

  • 5th Guest Rotarian

  • Summary Hotel accommodation

  • Payment - only by Bank Transfer - send a copy by mail to

  • Authorization


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Enzian Travel Agency  –

Tel. 06 930 20885 – fax 06 930 21821 – cell. 3282250708


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Sito del Rotary Club Roma Castelli Romani